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A thoughtful design has the power to transform brands. It conveys your values and tells a story that deepen engagement.

Your creative studio supports you with bespoke designs

I choose a tailor-made approach for each project, working alone or in a small team with my partners to best meet the needs of my clients and projects.

I help you build a unique brand that is perfectly suited for you and your customers.

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Brand guideline

Artistic direction





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User interface (UI)

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Real estate

What is my process ?

1. Project & Client discovery
This first exchange allows me to understand what your needs are. A quote will be sent to you at the end of this first meeting if we decide to work together.

2. Your marketing strategy
Your values ​​and your positioning define the direction that we will give to your visual identity. This second exchange allows you to deepen your brand strategy and announces the beginnings of the first creations. Depending on your needs, I may present you 2-3 moodboards. And if your project is primarily about redesigning a website, the process is the same. You can add to this an analysis of the current limitations of your site in order to optimize the user experience.

3. Creation
Using the strategic and inspirational information gathered during our first discussions, I am working on 2 or 3 distinct concepts.

4. Delivery
I provide you with the designs in the desired formats for print or digital use. Also, your quote includes 3 back and forth changes so that your image best represents your business. What if that’s not enough? This has never happened to me before. However, if this is the case, my daily rate will be applied.

How are the sites made? Will I be able to make changes myself ?

The websites are made with WordPress which allows you to be more likely friend of Google (always good for SEO) and to make changes yourself without coding. Once the project is finished, I will provide you with a ‘starter’ manual, as well as a 2 hours training course for WordPress.

Some people think that a WordPress site is not ‘tailor-made’. This is wrong. Even though I don’t re-code the platform itself, the design and the web interface are bespoke.

WordPress is suitable for e-commerce but if your store has too many products (50+), other platforms such as Prestashop or Shopify will be more suited.

Finally, when your site requires a tailor-made functionality, I call on a web developer who supports me in complex projects.

How long will a project take ?

I am usually able to respond to an offer within 2-3 weeks. Turn around time varies depending on project scope, as well as client response time. Typically, a logo + brand guidelines take 4 to 6 weeks. A website requires a minimum of 8 weeks, more depending on its complexity. Any collaterals items (prints, brochure, newsletter …) incurs extra time.

What about SEO ?

Most of the time, an unreferenced site is like a business card that we have forgotten at home. I attach great importance to SEO and build my sites so that SEO is optimized. I also implement tools and features that increase the SEO of your site.

How much does it cost ?

My daily rate is 380 € / £340. I chose to not communicate on a specific price list because each project is unique. However, in order to give you an order of price, a logo and its brand guideline start from 1,500 € and a website of 5-10 pages from 2,500 €. I also regularly want to help entrepreneurs or creatives by discussing with them the best investment I can offer according to their budget.

Where to start ?

Get in touch via my contact form or by email at or by phone at +33 66969 5358. We will agree on a date so that we can discuss your project in more details. From here, I will be able to establish a quote according to your needs and guide you in the realization of your project.

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